About Us

The one thing that has defined SPC Lifesciences over the past decade is to create pharmaceutical breakthroughs that are led by deep insight and knowledge.

World’s largest manufacturer of Pentoxyfylline intermediates

Established in 2006, SPC Lifesciences is a truly knowledge driven and fully integrated pharmaceutical company creating global solutions. We are a dynamic chemical synthesis company associated with the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry

For projects that involve complex chemistry and technological excellence & Import substitutes, we have a team that has a proven track record delivering - every time. We are the leading manufacturer & exporter of a broad range of pharmaceutical active ingredients and intermediates which are extensively used in various finished doses & research laboratories.

Business Focus


Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients

We focus on various therapeutic areas and are moving up the value chain by adding the capacities for APIs and other high growth therapeutic areas.



We have various specializations in the production of advanced intermediates and are scaling up in therapeutic areas like Anti-diabetic, Anti-coagulants, Anti-asthmatic, Anti-parkinson, Anti-thrombotic, Anti- psychotic and others.


Contract Manufacturing of APIs and Intermediates

We are strong partners to some of the best generic pharma companies in India and around the world for their increasing need for stringent quality, regulatory compliant and complex chemistry handling facilities.



We are strong partner to Nutraceuticals, Food supplements, Dietary supplements and Ayurveda companies in India and around the world for their increasing need for complete traceable Botanical Ingredients.

By maintaining leadership and competitiveness in various therapeutic domains, SPC’s API business has ensured the profitability and growth of the company's chemical synthesizing business in addition to being one of the finest intermediates suppliers in India and Internationally.

Management of Intellectual Property, quality and scale up of manufacturing and supply chains have been the pillars of success at SPC.


To deliver value to our customers by offering innovative products, services and solutions.


To be an integrated Pharmaceutical Company offering products throughout the Pharmaceutical value chain from Chemicals to Finished Formulations.


We are proud of our dedicated workforce consisting of a growing think tank of knowledgeable and experienced persons from various elds like research and synthesis, regulatory affairs, process engineering, supply chain management, logistics, nance, human resources, environment management and customer support.

Our team thrives on challenging assignments and sets new standards of performance. We provide an environment that stimulates our teams’ creative talents, infuses positivity and enthusiasm and instills a sense of pride in their individual contribution to the company’s success.

Director's Speech

The pharmaceutical and chemical industry in India has been growing in the last decade and SPC has been aggressively taking on a leadership position in the niche segments of advanced intermediates and APIs.

Acombination of new products emerging from our R&D and investments in infrastructure will lead to strengthening of alliances on manufacturing of strategic molecules with our customers. We have proven our ability in delivering values through alliances with customers on speciality intermediates and the thrust shall continue to cover broader range of products.

We believe that as a team we shall take on new challenges and lead the company to new heights. We shall do our best to achieve our vision by providing products throughout the pharmaceutical value chain.

Mr. Snehal Patel
Managing Director


Since inception, SPC plants are certified to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards by BVQI. Moreover, the operations comply with the guidelines of cGMP.

Commercial operations are certified by Govt. of India as an Export House and as a 100 % EOU (Export Oriented Unit).

ISO 9001:14001
Quick Facts

Our Journey in pursuit of constant innovative transformation


Inception of company and taking over operations of chemical plant at Ankleshwar


SPC certified as an Export House by Govt. of India


Granted first process Patent for India


Investment of INR 170 million for new plant and infrastructure development

  • Investment of INR 50 million and EOU (Export Oriented Unit) status granted to Ankleshwar unit
  • Research division certified by DSIR for in-house research activities

Investment of INR 75 million for new warehouse, QC laboratories and infrastructure development


Granted process Patent for China

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