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Research & Development
SPC's in-house research centre accredited by DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research), Govt. of India, has been the driving force to develop products.
The development work is initiated within the framework of a CDA (Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement) and utmost care is taken to protect our client's Intellectual Property at all levels. This includes all our employees, who are covered under confidentiality agreements irrespective of designations.
CDAs signed with Indian companies: 02
CDAs signed with Multinational companies: 11
The process of Research & Development may be terminated either after the research stage on generation of gram scale compounds or advanced further by transfer of technology to our plant as per the commercial terms that are negotiated with the customers.
Process development and optimisation of synthesis of commercial products along with reduction in effluents and developing cleaner technologies has been equally important. Here we have been successful in taking leadership positions on various commercial molecules and are currently the lowest cost producers for some key advanced intermediates.
Our laboratories are fully equipped with fume hoods and necessary analytical setup to take care of synthetic research from gram scale to kilogram scale.
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