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SPC's strength in synthesis coupled with product development has been instrumental in facilitating manufacturing and supply agreements, for advanced pharmaceutical intermediates and speciality chemicals, with the large Indian and Multinational pharmaceutical companies.
The multipurpose manufacturing plant offers enough flexibility to operate a range of reactions from – 20°C to + 350°C and a choice of Glass Lined and Stainless Steel reactors from 1 m3 to 7.5 m3.
The added advantage of an in-house distillation facility for solvents and dedicated distillation setups for fractionation of liquid products gives us the edge and control on quality of our in process and final products, guaranteeing consistent quality on batches and peace of mind to our customers.
 Equipment   Nos.   Capacity
Glass Lined  Reactors   8   1 m3 - 6.3 m 3
Stainless Steel Reactors   7   3 m3 - 7.5 m3
Distillation Setups
 Distillation Setups   Nos.   Capacity
Fractional Distillation Reactor Units with packed columns   6   0.5 m3  - 4.0 m3
Solvent Recovery Reactor Units with packed columns   1   7.5 m3
 Utilities   Nos.   Capacity
Boilers   2   1 - 1.2 T/hr
Chilling Plant (-20oC)   1   30 TR
Cooling Towers   4   100 - 500 TR
Hot oil circulation unit   1   100000 kW
Multistage High Vacuum Ejectors      4   759 mm 
 Warehouse   Nos.   Area
Integrated warehouses with racking systems     2   1200 m2
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